New HOME for ALPHA LSI-2 systems

July 29, 2021

My move is completed to my new home in West Los Angeles. This house will provide me with the space needed to efficiently work on my several restoration projects including the Alpha LSI-2/20 computers and the IMSAI S-100 computers. I cannot believe how much vintage computer equipment I acquired while living in my previous 2 bedroom condo! Although my new home has a garage, workshop, and 3 bedrooms, it seems like there is no unused space. Well, I guess the answer is that I was squeezed into a much smaller space which made it hard to work on projects.

Of course – I cannot resist the opportunity to restore more systems, so I added a Northstar S100 system recently, and maybe a couple more IMSAI’s.

But back to the Alpha LSI-2 project…  I will be setting up a dedicated work space and 19″ rack for the main system, so I can now begin to load software and test the boards I have. They are all now in one place, and I was surprised how many Computer Automation boards and documentation I have found for the systems. Plus, I will finally be able to unpack and inventory the Alpha LSI-2/20 computer and disks I got from  Bob Rosenbloom’s vintage computer collection in Santa Cruz, CA last year.

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