Spring Update 2021

April 9, 2021

I have survived the COVID-19 Pandemic so far, now a full year in self isolation (only leaving my home for food shopping and Dr. appointments). Luckily I have a nice view of the Pacific Ocean about 1/4 mile away, since I live in West Los Angeles. I was lucky to get both my COVID-19 vaccinations (Moderna) in February and March 2021 and had minimal side effects (headache and fatigue). I have also been very fortunate that I was able to keep working through the whole lockdown, and my employer has been able to maintain its profitability during this time.

While I have continued to add to my Computer Automation LSI-2/20 systems with some more acquisitions from eBay, I have not had as much free time as you might expect because my day job has been quite busy and has required a lot of off hours work to keep up with the business needs. Success has its costs as well as benefits.

I plan an update in the next few weeks with some major progress on the system functionality. I have also started a few enhancement projects including a remote hex key pad to augment the front panel input keys, similar to the programmers panel on the later LSI-4 systems. I have also been working on software support systems like a cross assembler and file uploader.

So I apologize for not having moreĀ  updates on the restoration process, but hopefully there will be some more good content coming soon.



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  • Reply John Murphy June 23, 2021 at 1:46 pm

    This is great. I’m a former LSI 2/40 programmer for the FAA.

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